The Adventure Concludes

Miles Mrowiec & Emma BachaliDP9A3454.JPG

Tonight we ended our adventure of a lifetime. We enjoyed a closing meal while sailing down the Saigon River. The 2018 Patriotic Travel team has formed deep bonds with each other, and this evening we enjoyed more laughter and conversations stemming from the community we’ve built. Our sponsors presented each veteran with a 50th anniversary Vietnam commemorative lapel pin. Students received two challenge coins, one from our former POWs, Col. Tom Moe and Col. John Clark, and the other from Medal of Honor recipient, CSM Gary Littrell. Although bittersweet, the overall sentiment of the team is one of gratefulness. We are grateful for one another, for a college that made this trip possible, for our veterans who faithfully served our country, and for a loving Savior who transforms our lives. Thank you for the consistent prayers and support, and we are excited to come home and share more of our remarkable experiences.


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